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Hines Ward at Daniel’s Men’s Store.

What’s Hines Ward doing at Daniel’s Men’s Store?

Hines Ward at Daniel's Men's Store

Heinz Ward Autographed WVU football from visit to Daniel's Men's Store for a TuxedoAround 4:30 on a Saturday Phil Mauser owner of Daniel’s Men’s Store sizes up anyone who comes in the store, on this day it was a Steeler. Now not just any Steeler but Hines Ward the man, the myth, the legend.  Now everyone knows that Phil is not a Steelers fan. Yep it’s true! Even though he lives close to Pittsburgh he’s a Brown’s fan deep down. Way down because that’s where they’ve been since the days of Jim Brown but, Phil has hopes that his true underdog team will once again rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes that Johnny Manziel surely piled onto the seemingly smoldering spark of a Cleveland season this year. This Cleveland conversation must have come up between Phil and two time Super Bowl champion Heinz Ward because the reference to the Browns was on the ball signed for the Daniel’s owners.

It’s true you never know who you’ll see at Daniel’s.

On this day a customer asked Phil, “Is that Hines Ward? What’s he doing here?” Phil replied, “Sure is. What are you doing here?” The customer said, “Getting a suit.” Phil replied, “That’s what he’s doing here.”  With that being said, you never know who you’ll meet at Daniel’s Men’s Store. It’s hands down the best store in the state of West Virginia for high quality men’s fashion, suits, shoes, WV logo wear and more.

If Hines Ward knows the best place to get a suit in West Virginia then shouldn’t you?

Heinz Ward, Tuxedos at Daniel's Men's StoreYou know there were smiles everywhere when Hines was in the building. He could be running a post route in the fourth quarter, go up for the ball, miss it, get creamed and he get up looking at the defender with that classic big smile and those sparkling teeth. There were no shortage of smiles at Daniel’s.Hines Ward at Daniel's Men's Store

Everyone who enters Daniel’s is a MVP.

If it’s high quality men’s wear you are looking for then Daniel’s Men’s Store in Morgantown West Virginia is the place to be. They have an incredible selection of men’s suits and an all pro veteran staff that will dress you sharp and sophisticated. When it’s your turn to steep up to the big stage you will be confident and smiling as big as Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward.  Go Steelers and go to Daniel’s!



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