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Daniel’s of Morgantown’s Seasoned Staff Offer Flavorful Fashion

Daniel’s of Morgantown’s Seasoned Staff Dress Men Well from Their Wealth of Experience

Daniels of Morgantown Sales Person in Wall of Shirts

Daniel’s of Morgantown’s seasoned staff dress men well. They dress men well for events from your first date to your best friend’s wedding, and for all sizes and shapes of men, from the tallest and slenderest to those who may fudge the figures a bit. How does Daniel’s do it so well? Daniel’s is the best with its years of experience.

Take the top of Daniel’s, owner Phil Mauser. From an early age, Phil knew the power of professional dress. Each day, his dad dressed in a suit and tie as an attorney. Having seen for years the sway of a suit, Phil set out to build men through fashion. Putting inspiration to action, Phil’s been in the men’s clothing industry now for over a decade.

Take a closer look at the men on the floor. These men help customers find the right suit, shirt, shoe: whatever the customer may need. These gentlemen have been in the business their entire lives. And these men aren’t twenty-two-years-old. We’re talking a lot of years of experience: 40 years.

The tailor and seamstresses behind the scenes are just as seasoned. Though Daniel’s of Morgantown’s staff prefer 7 to 10 days to finish altering a piece, these professionals can produce finished works same day. Their experience allows for this perfection under pressure. The master tailor is just that: a master. This master from Poland has been making garments fit just right since he was sixteen. Today, he’s studied his craft for nearly 70 years.

Daniel’s of Morgantown’s seasoned staff make this men’s clothing store special. For years and years these employees have been refining their art. More than that, they have stayed in this business because they enjoy making men feel confident in their clothing. Today, all who walk in those doors on University Avenue enjoy that zeal and experience.

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