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Daniel’s of Morgantown’s Phil Mauser

Daniel’s of Morgantown’s Phil Mauser: A Match Made in Men’s Clothing

Phil Mauser owner of Daniel's of Morgantown

Saul Radman ran Daniel’s for over 50 years. When the time came for Saul to say goodbye, he passed the duty of finely outfitting men to Phil Mauser. For two years, Phil has continued decking out gentlemen in fine duds. Under Phil’s ownership, Daniel’s of Morgantown won awards for best men’s clothing store in Morgantown and in all of West Virginia.

But who is the man behind the suit?

Phil Mauser has sturdy fine fashion footing. As inspired by his father’s polished appearance, Phil strives to build up men with the confidence that comes from a fine suit.

Phil, “My father wore a suit and tie every day growing up. I’ve always seen him dress professionally as an attorney. So I think subconsciously it’s something I wanted to do: to be like him wearing a shirt and tie every day. Daniel’s of Morgantown gave me that opportunity.

I needed a summer job. And Saul gave me a job running errands for him. And here I am now.

Been in the men’s clothing business for about a decade, owner for about two years.”

Working in men’s clothing, Phil has to work men’s clothing. He not only sells suits, he also models suits.

Phil, “In my closet right now, I have probably 13 suits. But I’ve made a rule that if I buy a new suit or if I get a new suit, I have to take an old one to Good Will.

I always find myself in a nice charcoal gray suit with a white shirt. If I want to do a colorful tie, I do a colorful tie. If not, I do an open collared shirt with a colorful pocket square. Just so you have a splash of color on the outfit. That’s my favorite look to wear to any sort of event.”

Phil had a humble start, wearing a clip-on bowtie to his prom. Now, he wears fine and fun clothing, like a camouflage suit jacket, winning the admiration of friends and a signature from Roger Clemens.

Phil Mauser: a fashionable Mountaineer man leading Daniel’s of Morgantown to another 50 years of success.

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