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Daniel’s of Morgantown’s Mountaineer Pride

Daniel’s of Morgantown’s Mountaineer Pride: Mountaineer Men’s Mountain Pappa

Daniel's of Morgantown WVU Apparel

Morgantown is a sporting town. With Morgantown as Daniel’s town, Daniel’s is no exception to the sensation of WVU athletics.

Phil, smiling, a glint of sporting joy dancing in his eyes, “A Mountaineer win makes every day better.”

Daniel’s of Morgantown’s owner, Phil Mauser, has collected signatures from WVU athletes and coaches over the years. He keeps his gold mine of memorabilia secret, stashing a sneaky stack of keepsakes in his office and gifting other signatures to his brother.

On game days, Phil’s not the only one glued to the score. When the Mountaineers play, Morgantown’s the largest city in West Virginia. While these fans are in, they want to see what’s going on in the finest men’s clothing store in the state. Those wanting a collared shirt with WVU embroidery, or perhaps a sharp sport coat, find their finery at Daniel’s of Morgantown.

Daniel's of Morgantown WVU Apparel

Daniel’s of Morgantown catches the eye of WVU coaches

Those wanting a polished look for postgame interviews also fill their hunger for fine men’s fashion at Daniel’s of Morgantown.

Outfitting coaches and athletes swells Daniel’s of Morgantown’s Mountaineer pride. At our store, we strive to make every man look his best. We instill in him the confidence of a fine-fitting suit. As fans, it’s particularly exciting when those men you’re helping are Morgantown heroes.

Phil, “Being a fan of all the sports teams, having the athletes come in is a pretty neat feeling. They look to you for a little bit of experience and guidance in what they need to wear to look professional, to look classy for when they go on tv for interviews.

Whenever I see those guys on tv after we’ve dressed them I do have a sense of pride. I always call my mom or my dad, call my brother to tell him, “We’ve dressed so-and-so and he’s going to be on tv.” We dressed Kevin White for the Bilentnikoff Award this year and we got several phone calls at the store the next day because people knew that we had dressed him. They could just tell by his style. And we got a lot of compliments on the way he was dressed because he was dressed so sharply.”

Daniel’s has been dressing Mountaineers since 1963. And now it’s easier than ever for Mountaineers to enjoy our store. We have a prime spot just below the law school on University Avenue. We have a bigger space at 7500 sq ft. We have easier access with streetside parking for our customers. We have that same attention to detail that’s made this clothing store a success for over half a century. Feel the thrill of a fine-fitting suit from Phil at Daniel’s of Morgantown, and feel your most confident.

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